IASA Academy provides its honorable customers with many services in the consultancy fields of business. Also, IASA academy has a collaboration agreement with the American Financials Group – AFG –, a well-known US company specialized in different kinds of consultation services, to deliver many services together, and our main consultancy services are:

Organizing and Managing Elections' Campaigns

  • IASA has a highly professional creative team that is specialized in organizing and managing elections’ campaigns from the idea to the targets.

  • Creating the idea and concept, building the campaign strategy, identity and theme for individuals, parties, and other related organizations, producing all the art & creative works, media planning and buying, building and organizing relations and messages, initiating & managing the media platforms (websites, social media …etc), self improving, developing, and coaching, and many other services.

Organizing and Managing Elections' Campaigns
certificates and recognitions

Qualifying Corporates and Organizations for the International Quality Standards

  • IASA academy delivers its consultation services to any kind of corporates and foundations that are interested in getting Quality certificates such as; ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000, HACCP, ISO 26000, ISO 22301, ISO 27001, ISO 13485, ISO 22716, ISO 28000 and many other standards.

  • We start with the customers from the gap analysis up to being ready to be certified by the certification bodies regarding the required standard(s).

  • We help our customers in preparing the required documents, procedures, and all other requirements in accordance with the determined and required standard.


Qualifying Educational & Training Institutions for the International Quality & Accreditation Standards

  • IASA academy delivers its consultation services to schools, colleges, institutes, universities, vocational institutions, and training providers to qualify them getting certified with different international standards such as ISO 21001 : 2018, ISO 29994 : 2021, ASTM E2659, or any other required standards and also qualifications of educational accreditation especially for Higher education institutions.

  • We help our customers to choose the best among the certification bodies worldwide.

Market Study

Feasibility & Market Studies & Researches

  • IASA academy has a big staff and consultants in different areas of business and research that can provide our customers with the accurate feasibility and market studies to help them to; identify reasons to undertake the project, narrow the business alternative, identify new opportunities, determine the identity and projected positioning, study the market and competition indices, and many other important matters.

  • We help our customers to see the market and opportunities noticeably clear.

Business and startups services.

  • We use the international business development approaches to help our customers whether big companies, SMEs, or even Startups to determines their goals clearly and to be aware of different economies characteristics and the fluctuations of the global economy.

  • IASA has a wide range of intellectual resources that can help its customers to save and secure money, time, and efforts.


Consultations of Public Relations and Events & Exhibitions Organizing.

  • IASA has experts in the field of Public Relations – PR – in general and particularly in events and exhibitions organizing. We have more than 15 years of experience in that field that enables us to provide our customers in many related services such as: creating ideas, delivering perspectives, providing some logistics in different countries, suggesting contractors and subcontractors worldwide, and training customers’ teams …etc. Building connections is our profession.

Business Leverage, Marketing, and Business development Consultations.

  • We do services of business leverage to the different kinds of businesses including business analysis, performance analysis, comparing the results with the goals and objectives, being sure that the executive and action plans comply with the strategic plan. Also we do analysis to the marketing tools and performance and compare them with the benchmark and market growth to be sure that the marketing activities serve the main objectives and that the sales record achieve the projected target, and whether the whole business is going to growth or needs improvement actions to avoid declination.

Business development

A-Z Services to Educational, Vocational & Training Institutions.

  • IASA academy has a prominent experience in the field of Education and Training, this why it can deliver many services to such institutions that are working in that fields, such as: accreditation services, international relations and collaboration agreements, academic agreements, students enrollment campaigns, educational market researches, online and home schooling, training programs, quality systems consultations, marketing services and improvements …etc.

Governance, Strategic Thinking, Planning & Management Services.

  • We are professional in building the strategic document to the different types of entities. Starting with doing the strategic thinking using those who have the strategic brains, going through strategic analysis and planning, reaching the strategic management stage and how to follow up others to build their executive and operational plans to be in compliance with that strategic plan and in a very professional way.

  • We do governance and build constitutions of the different types of institutions and entities, specially the family business to avoid the generations conflict that usually happens.


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