About the International Academy for Sciences and Arts - IASA, in Turkey

IASA Academy was founded in Turkey in 2016 as a private institution to deliver its services to the whole world in the fields of:

Academic Programs
(under collaboration agreements)

Training Courses & Services

Consultancy Services

IASA has different collaboration agreements that you can verify them in our International Relations page, these agreements cover our scope and help our students, trainees, and customers to get professional services in all our business sectors.


The philosophy of the International Academy of Sciences and Arts (IASA) is ased on the principles of combining education, training and consulting where integration is a great advantage for being in one institution, seeking to produce knowledge that is not only characterized by theoretical qualities but also contains in its folds the practical framework that affects the life of mankind and brings it to the renaissance, development, development and enlightenment .


We seek to be among the top 10 academies that offer integrated services in the field of university and post-university academic education in both regular and remote ways, as well as vocational and technical training fields, and the field of financial, administrative, and educational consulting, etc., in Turkey and the Middle East by the year 2030.


The International Academy of Sciences and Arts (IASA) works as a private non-profit institution from within the Turkish Republic and provides services to the world, especially in the regions of the Middle East, Africa, the Gulf and Europe, in the areas of academic and post-university education, and the field of training and professional programs, as well as the field of consulting in the financial and administrative areas with its subsidiaries, adhering to the values of professionalism, excellence and continuous development to achieve what we aim for.




Continuous Development


Academic & profession Freedom

IASA Management Team

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Dr. Abdelaziz Tahoun

Vice-Chairman, Administration & Training

Prof. Dr. Habib Hamam

Chairman of the Board
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Assoc. Prof. Dr. Samir Abdelaziz

Vice Chairman, Academic & Consulting